CrawlerIndex is in charge of indexing biological data files in a Solr index server. It supports several types of input data (gff, genbank, uniprot ...) and can submit data to the specified server.

Its inspiration comes from Lucegene project and its integration with GBrowse. Current project tries to use cutting edge technology products for better performances and scalability. Part of the code comes from, or is inspired by, Lucegene open source project (but not maintained anymore), more specifically on BioIndexers and GBrowse integration. Back end product for indexation is the well known Solr indexer (based on Lucene).


- Seqcrawler: biological data indexing and browsing platform, BMC BioInformatics, doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-175

- Poster at BOSC 2011 and ISMB 2011 conferences


2011, olivier.sallou, University of Rennes 1

IDDN: IDDN.FR.001.200019.000.S.P.2011.000.20900