CrawlerSearch jar file is in charge of exporting the biological format documents. See usage with "-h" option. Basically, it takes a query and a list of range as input to query the index server (embedded or remote). It will write to a file all the results within the ranges in a XML format. XML fields match the document fields.


This is a simple servlet, packaged in a war file, used as a wrapper above CrawlerSearch. It maps to the export url. It contains the main web interface to query the index. Install the war file in a servlet container.

Interface is accessible at: http://localhost:8080/seqcrawler

The servlet requires some parameters defined in the web.xml and takes a few parameters in HTTP request:

  • query : input string used as query to export data
  • ranges: list of range (e.g. range of matches to export). Range is defined with a start and stop position, separated by a dash ("-"). Ranges are separated by commas. Example: 1-10,100-110

    Both parameters are mandatory. A JSON object is returned with the link to the generated file: { "url" : "linktofile" }